Communism in Cuba is the form of rule that is implemented by the country’s governing political party, the Communist Party of Cuba.

Cuban CommunismCuban communism works under a model based on Marxist-Leninist beliefs. The existing constitution in Cuba considers the Communist Party of Cuba’s role as the “leading force of society and of the state”. Cuban communism is led by its first secretary, Fidel Castro, and the second secretary, Raul Castro. Raul Castro, who is Fidel Castro’s brother, is also known as the President of Cuba.

Since the earlier period of the Republic of Cuba, there have already been a number of communist organizations, as well as anarchist groups and associations.

The initial Communist Party of Cuba to be “internationalized” was actually formed decades ago in the 1920s. The original group was later renamed to Popular Socialist Party for reasons that had to do with the elections during the time.

Then in July of 1961, three groups merged to form the Integrated Revolutionary Organizations, a mere two years after the revolution in 1959. The organizations that merged were Fidel Castro’s 26th of July Movement, the Revolutionary Directory March 13th which was led by Faure Chomon, and the Popular Socialist Party that was headed by Blas Roca.

Caba - Cuban CommunismThe Integrated Revolutionary Organizations was later re-christened as the United Party of the Cuban Socialist Revolution on March 26, 1962. up to now, the communist party remains as the sole recognized political party in Cuba.

There are other parties that have been founded within the coasts of Cuba, but have so far been unable to campaign or push through with any of their own activities, as they may be deemed as counter-revolutionary.