Communism is a known socioeconomic structure as well as a political ideology. This form of socioeconomic structure promotes the creation of a classless and stateless society, an egalitarian commune that is based on the idea of common ownership. It controls the means of production and distribution of properties.

Karl Marx is one of the main personalities that have pushed for communism, believing that it would be the final stage in human society, and will follow after a socialist stage that would be achieved by means of a proletarian revolution. According to Karl Marx and in Marxian readings, “pure communism” refers to a stateless and classless society that is free of oppression. It is also a society where decisions regarding production and policies are made democratically, where each and every member of society is allowed and encouraged to participate.

Communism as a political ideology is considered to be a branch of socialism. Socialism is a collective of many different philosophies, both political and economical, that is drawn from many different political and intellectual movements from theorists of the Industrial Revolution and the French Revolution. Communism aims to give the world an alternative to the problems that come with a capitalist market economy, as well as an alternative to the ideologies behind nationalism and imperialism.